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Minna-san, Konnichiwa!
~*Willkommen auf meiner Animexx Projektseite*~

  Hier könnt Ihr euch ab sofort über alles rund um Shiroku und Co informieren.

Seien es neue Auftrittstermine, CD-Veröffentlichungen, seltsame Gedanken oder Pinguine,
hier werdet ihr immer auf dem laufenden gehalten und wisst ganz genau was in Shiroku´s Leben so passiert.

Schaut doch auch mal hier rein:

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~* News *~
~* News*~

~* 10.11.2012 *~

Yay, die Projektseite ist endlich online!
In nächster Zeit wird die Seite aufjedenfall noch weiter ausgebaut.
Also schaut aufjedenfall demnächst nochmal vorbei!

Ich freu mich!
Bis dann :)
-: Super excited to announce my newest collab with the Japanese metal band IRON ATTACK!! I could lend my voice to a song of their new album: 『Seven Deadly Sins』 Preview https://youtu.be/LiroYhPvzf4 It will be available from the 6th May 2018 in Japan at several stores like "Melon Books" or "Toranoana". More informations here (Japanese only) https://ion1128.wixsite.com/togabito #例大祭 #Touhou
-: Have I already showed you this cute Okita picture ? ⠀ ⠀ Picture by DieselsVideos Room by Japanwelt ⠀ #okita #souji #okitacosplay #saber #fgo #Fate #FateGo #cosplay #costume #shinsengumi
-: Finally spring is coming ❤ like to go out and to enjoy the sun. ❤❤ Thanks Octowana for this awesome picture ToT the effects are not photoshopped. She used a small light chain to create this effect ToT so amazing !!! Pic by Octowana Yuri by Shiroku #yoi #yuriOnIce
-: Want to show you some more of my ECG - European Cosplay Gathering progress ❤ I attached it a bit randomly XD so its not completely in place XD and the boobs are still missing lol Still hope you like it ❤ #ecg #ecg2018 #musashi #miyamoto #fgo #FateGo #cosplay #costume #cosworking
-: Why is Yurakcho so mean ToT buhuhhh Thanks Octowana for this super cute picture ❤❤❤ Www love it! Pic by Octowana Yuri by Chiko Yuri by Shiroku
-: Found some old pictures I could edit ❤❤ Love this picture ❤ Pic by Meermiau
-: Super excited to announce that we got invited as spevial guests by the ChisaiiCon in Hamburg. Can't wait to have an awesome time with everyone ❤ I will also give a concert at Saturday and a small signing session. See you soon in Hamburg ❤ #nico #lovelive #nicoyazawacosplayer #nicoyazawa #cosplayer #Cosplay #Anime #music #japan #llsif #cute #twintail
-: Got a new Umu picture from Happy Berry Photography. ToT She did an amazing job. This doesn't look like me at all lol (I'm much more potato in real life lol). Thanks so much ❤ love it! Pic by Happy Berry Photography Saber Nero by Shiroku #fgo #FateGo
-: So in love with this picture from Octowana omg ToT (I don't look like a potato ToT) Thanks so much ❤❤ #yuriOnIce
-: I could finally finish the damn bow yesterday of my ECG - European Cosplay Gathering ToT Still the corsage part needs to be embroidered and than I can finally start the skirt embroidery which will also kill me ToT
~* Next Time On Stage *~

~*> Connichi

       13.-15.09.2013, Kassel (Deutschland)

       Sonntag 14:30 Uhr Hauptsaal



~*> Mega Manga Con

       04.10. - 06.10.2013, Berlin (Deutschland)

       Samstag 12 Uhr

       Piano, Dancecrew and Voice  

~* Diskografie*~

~* Alben *~

~* 2013: Sword Art Online

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
~* 2012: Anime No Piano

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2011: Anime Wonderland

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2010: Anime Dreams

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)


~* Singles *~

~* 2011: Bad Apple

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
Top 40 in den
jap. Itunes Dance Charts
~* 2013: Sword Art Online

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)

~* 2010: Anime X´Mas from Japan

(Online: Not available)
~* 2009: Inori - You Raise Me Up

(Online: Itunes, Musicload, Amazon)
~* Member*~
~* Thanks for working with me! *~

~* On Stage      
Gesang: Shiroku    
Piano: Manami Haruta Shiroku  
Tanz: Ishida _Riko_  
  Annemie Sweety-Rikku  
Support: Kickaha Mangamaz  
~* Off Stage      
Foto: Harlock Meermiau Michael Kügler
Design: Chiyoko_Chi    
Producer: GatsuE    


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